Xraki Devourer

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The Xraki Devourer is one of several ships that players can pilot in Fleet Battles. The Xraki are a species of terrifying aliens in Star Control: Origins who have trouble forming a complete sentence, but you can definitely make out something about "eyes" and "consuming all," which generally doesn't sound very good...


Although it doesn’t have a particularly high top speed, this lithe ship has an excellent turn rate and moderate acceleration which provides it with decent maneuverability against enemy ships. Perhaps the most notable feature of this ship is its range - it doesn’t have any ranks in it.

The Devourer’s primary Black Hole weapon can adjust to hit targets that are both close to you and across the map by holding down the left click button when you fire, then releasing it whenever you’re ready for that black hole to burst into existence...and for your enemies to hopefully explode out of existence.

Its secondary weapon, the Gravity Wave, will let you push ships, drones, and those peskily damaging asteroids out of your way. It’s a great way to dodge projectiles or push back enemies who try to get in too close.