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The Mowlings are a species of small mammal like creatures, who are decidedly accident prone in nature. Having somehow survived to reach their own space age, they have recently been taken under the guardian of a living God, who styles himself "Jeff." Little is known about this mysterious figure other than the fact that he(?) is an alien of considerable power. 


Mowling Ship

The Mowling vessel is relatively simple by the standards of other aliens in this part of the galaxy, though still not one to be taken lightly. Its primary weapon is a short range laser, of surprising strength, though historically it has resulted in the deaths of more Mowlings than anyone else. Of more interest to those on the hunt for Mowlings is their Prayer Control Circuits, capable of calling for help from Jeff, the obscenely powerful alien who styles himself the Mowlings' God. When activated, Jeff soon arrives on the scene, and does not look too favorably on anyone causing the Mowlings grief.