Greegrox Swarm

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The Greegrox Swarm is one of several ships players can pilot in Fleet Battles. The Greegrox are a species of space jellyfish that appear in Star Control: Origins' adventure mode.


The Greegrox Swarm are a hoard of space jellyfish that travel together in colonies and attack as a single entity. These squishy aliens may not have a lot of health to speak of, but their energy recharges quickly and their acceleration and top speed are notable. The best thing about the Greegrox, though, is their turn rate - they are able to make quick adjustments to their pathing and avoid enemy attacks better than almost any other ship in the Fleet Battles lineup.

Their primary weapon, the Micro Bolt, fires several long range bolts at once. The rate of fire depends on how many crew you have remaining - the higher your crew count, the more bolts you can shoot! Their secondary Heal ability allows you to keep up their numbers and makes the Greegrox pretty tough to kill.

The challenge with the Swarm is that they’re a little difficult to control. With some practice, however, you can terrify your enemies and become the scourge of space.