Command Ship Upgrades

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Resources earned from exploring planets can be used to upgrade the player's command ship. Below is the WIP list of Command Ship Upgrades. Each upgrade costs Resource Units and either comes in multiple tiers (Engines) or can be bought multiple times (Crew Capacity.)

Lander Capacity

Increases the amount of planet exploration Landers that can be stored on the Command ship. Particularly useful to upgrade if you are landing on hazardous planets.

Lander Upgrades

Makes the Lander more resistant to certain hazardous conditions. Heat plating, for example, will allow the lander to explore hot planets such as Venus.

Fuel Capacity

Additional fuel storage allows for longer missions deep into space before needing to return to refuel.

Engine Upgrades

Increases the acceleration and maximum speed of the ship when travelling around star systems.

Thruster Upgrade

Increases acceleration and turn speed, especially useful for Fleet Battles.

Hyperspace Upgrades

Increases travel speed through Hyperspace.


Customizes the weaponry and abilities used in Fleet Battles

Crew Quarters

Increases maximum crew capacity. Crew acts as the command ship's health, if defeated the player loses. Crew can only be replaced in Sol, so increases crew capacity allows for deeper missions into space.

Cargo Pod

Increases maximum storage of resources collected from exploring worlds.