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In the TrueSpace star system view, the following zoom levels are used (switched between automatically, depending on the current location of The Flagship):

  • Main zoom levels (all these zoom levels are centered on the star)
    • Zoom level 1 (entire star system is shown)
    • Zoom level 2
    • Zoom level 3
    • Zoom level 4 (the most zoomed in)
  • Secondary zoom level (when you collide with a planet in a main zoom level, you enter another zoom level focused on the planet; battle groups may move between main and secondary zoom levels, when they enter the main one from the secondary one, they "appear" at the planet).

The orientation of The Flagship never changes, however the spot on the edge of the screen where The Flagship appears after transition to a secondary zoom level is determined by its facing.

TODO:Exactly what percent of the total star system is shown in zoom levels 2, 3, 4?