Zeta Persei I

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Zeta Persei I
Home of the Druuge
Orbit: 0.50 a.u. Mass: 0.03 e.s.
Atmo: 2.20 atm Radius: 0.37 e.s.
Temp: 18° c Gravity: 0.23 g.
Weather: Class 4 Day: 1.12 days
Tectonics: Class 3 Tilt: 10°
Dust World
No satellites

Zeta Persei I is the home planet and trading center of the Druuge, as well as the Central Trade World of the Crimson Corporation. A barren Dust World, it is the first planet in the Zeta Persei system. This is the only planet where The Captain can do business with the Druuge.

Everything on the planet is the property of the Crimson Corporation, including the air and the sunlight. As such it is the center of the Druuge economy; the Druuge boast that upwards of a million business deals a day occur on this planet alone. Underneath the planet's surface, beneath one of the many busy metropolises, is a protective vault in which valuable artifacts, such as the Rosy Sphere, are stored.