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Followers of the Veep-Neep Queen
Homeworld: Gamma Serpentis I
Coordinates: 492.3 : 029.4
Member of: Alliance of Free Stars,
Ur-Quan Hierarchy (Battle Thrall)
New Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: Terminator

The Yehat are a Pterodactyl-like race that has travelled the stars for many centuries. They were a significant force in the Alliance of Free Stars before defecting to the Hierarchy. In the late 2150s, a civil war splits the Yehat into Rebel and Loyalist factions.


The Yehat resemble ancient Earth Pterodactyls in that the last finger bone of each hand is extended to support wing-like patagia and their heads have that animal's characteristic crest. They are capable of at least gliding, if not full flight. They appear to walk upright, but with difficulty.

While the appearances are not completely similar, the Pkunk, the Yehat, the Melnorme, and certain reliable sources1 all seem to agree that the Yehat and Pkunk are distant biological relatives, having diverged more than a thousand years ago. The separation of the two races was not amicable, and there is still clear hostility between the species. Despite their common ancestry, the cause of the morphological differences between the two species is unknown.


Strong Yehat warships, specifically the Terminator, were the backbone of the Alliance during their war with the Hierarchy. When the war ended in the loss by the Alliance, the current Yehat Veep-Neep Queen made a sudden shift in policy by allowing the race to become an Ur-Quan Battle Thrall. This shamed the proud avian warriors greatly as many tribes felt they had betrayed their sacred honor. Their shame was magnified by the bravery of the Shofixti who, rather than serve their enemy as the Yehat did, nearly destroyed their sun, Delta Gorno, and exterminated their own race, taking almost one third of the entire Ur-Quan Fleet with them.

Yehat Rebellion

When they are encountered by the Captain, they are torn between their honour and allegiance, resulting in a neutral status. If the Captain manages to resurrect the Shofixti and prove it to the Yehat, a civil war will break out. Coincidentally, the Pkunk migrate to Yehat space to reintegrate with their ancient ancestors and join the Rebels, emerging victorious over the Royalists. Braky Girdy the First, a Pkunk, ascends the new united throne and sends Terminators and Furies to aid the Allied fleet in the Final Mission.


The Yehat race consists of different warrior clans, that have in the past fought bloody wars on their homeworld. They have a strong sense of honor toward their clan and its leader. This trait drew them into a close alliance with the Shofixti, which the Yehat sometimes consider their adopted children. Yehat society is primariliy matriarchal and the clans are lead by Queens. A Queen of the Veep-Neep clan was able to put a stop to the wars and unify the Yehat as they eventually made their way to the stars. The Yehat are very proud of the fact that they made this advancement to space on their own, and grant Humanity great honor for achieving the same.

Starship Clans

In Earthling terms, the Starship Clans are the Yehat navy. Each Clan serves as a fleet or operational group. During the Revolution, certain Clans break their allegiance to the Queen and fight against those that remain loyal. The Captain encounters only three clans. This neither confirms nor refutes the existence of more clans.

Relations with other races

The Shofixti

The Yehat made first contact with the Shofixti in 2075, at which time the Shofixti were living in a primitive feudal society. In admiration of their warrior culture, the Yehat took it upon themselves to uplift and protect the Shofixti, giving them advanced technology and cultural definition.

Known individuals

Known clans


Notes and references

1The Role Playing Resource Guide describes the Pkunk as a "mystical off-shoot of the Yehat species."