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Change Log

  • Increased Rear Dual shot energy cost
  • Enemy Super Nukes are a lot more deadly
  • Cargo meter per pip increased so the bar doesn't look out of place
  • Fuel consumption decreased slighting
  • Solar system thrust decreased
  • Hyperspace thrust increased
  • Ship inertial increased
  • Fuel cost is slightly cheaper
  • The Vindicator can now use the Speed Burst weapon
  • Changed planet Ashogus to Mud
  • Adjusted the scale of some of the building parts.
  • Increased the size of the Tywom Battlecruiser
  • Slightly reduced scale of the Super Nuke
  • Fixed missing thumbnails for the Weakened Harmony ships.
  • Aftermath:
    • Fix for post-Wymdoo and post-Bloa pop-ups which appear miles away from where they should be.
  • Typo fixes

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