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Terran Colony Upgrades

  • Provide free crew to the player
  • Heal human ships
  • Each colony now also provides a certain reward:
    • Colony 1 (Epsilon Trireme: Epsilon Trireme 1)
      • Gives the player a Flanking Nuke
      • Unlocks Terran Scout for purchase
      • Gives the player several Terran scouts
    • Colony 2 (Sirius A: P3X-411)
      • Gives you a free choice between max level Fleet Deflector, Fleet Accelerator and Fleet Weapon Amplifier
    • Colony 3 (Ross 128: Planet Ebru)
      • Unlocks Terran Cruiser Mark II for purchase. Gives free choice between Lander components


  • Lander cargo has (almost) infinite cargo space The lander can now carry up to 1000 minerals provided there is room on your flagship. Landing Cargo modules are no longer for sale. Existing ones can be sold.


  • Adventure Studio is ready for use! Go to the crafting menu to launch this editor to create your own quests and dialogs.
  • Added a button to disable all mods in the Multiverse screen. This calls a new function in the INI settings to clear out the list of enabled mods and refreshes the UI.
  • Any mod that does not fit into "Adventure", "Maps", or "Params" is now put into a new "Misc" tab
  • Enabled controller support for the Multiverse screen and adjusted the spacing and padding of several controls to facilitate UI Navigation
  • Made player ship and ship components moddable

Interface Improvements

  • Implemented new lock for resources so you can't accidentally sell them
  • Added the ability to sell resources one-by-one
  • Mousing over planets now provides detail information about that planet
  • While on autopilot, your destination is shown on the map
  • Homeworlds now get auto-pinned when you told to go there.


  • The Mu'Kay won't hassle you late game
  • Fixed some weirdness updating enabled Mods UI when Subscribing/Unsubscribing
  • Fixing the end-game behavior for 4 Measured ships who live in a system far from home.
  • Scripting fix for Alpha Satori if you arrive at the final battle having somehow sold/removed your Pinthi dispersal module.
  • Moving a Maelnir ship so it doesn't block a planet (Zeta Mus III)
  • Hid all of the crashed ships on Gas Giants (the mysterious interesting objects you all found too quickly) until humans can develop the tech to safely land there.
  • You can not open the Origin before the Tywom trial and cause bad things to happen
  • GOG: enabled the "Learn More" button that was accidentally disabled missing from GOG Multiverse screen
  • Fixed a bad Xraki ship thumbnail
  • Fix for players unable to complete the Tywom Trial.

Other Resources

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