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  • Lowered salvage reward of Scryve Probe. Now less than Scryve cruiser.
  • Second scryve encounter: re-added flak cannon, reduce damage on both weapons
  • Increased RU awarded from battle even more to reward murderin'.
  • Slight decrease in drag on your ship.
  • Fleet Coordinator module's AI is smarter


  • You can now remap the interact button.
  • The RU text on minerals and the value on Critters are now properly translatable
  • The custom match screen better handles translated text that was longer other languages
  • Added a warning if that your page file size is too small
  • Better support for ultrawide screens (32x9)
  • Added grid lines on the sector map and mini-map
  • Bringing up the sector map no longer breaks auto-pilot
  • Added message for when you scan a low-value planet
  • The game now remembers the systems and planets you have visited and faded down the star graphic in the minimap and sector map. Labels are also faded and the line becomes green vs yellow for those visited. This change is not retroactive.
  • You can no longer auto-pilot to a destination outside of your fuel range.
  • Planet scan screen now shows a count of the value of minerals on the right-hand side above the minerals list.


  • Fixed several startup crashes
  • Reworked how autosaves are saved to prevent them from getting corrupted
  • Fixed a problem where a corrupt save would prevent you from saving or loading.
  • Start-up times improved on non-SDD drives. This affects starting to main menu only. We're working on a fix for new/load game times as well.
  • All Achievement are now working correctly
  • "First Contact" achievements should be award retroactively.
  • Perf boast for the end game dialog movies
  • Despawn any other mercenaries when you hire the Mercenary Captain
  • The Scryve will no longer continue to expand after the Xraki reveal
  • The Measured wander away if you have a peaceful exit with them.
  • The codex screen no longer crashes on 4K in non-English languages
  • All Measured and Phamyst NPCs are made less aggressive after the game is over.
  • Phamysht no longer pursues player after Xraki reveal.
  • Any dialog with Phamysht ships which ends peacefully results in the Phamysht flying away
  • Fix for the Harmony fighter not awarding any RU in adventure mode
  • You can hand in hyperdrives quest after beating the game.
  • Moved Vrooms planet in Alpha Mensae and some planets in Acturus closer so you can actually land on them.
  • Asking Measured about the Drenkend no longer breaks the game. They really don't like each other.
  • Fixed a save game problem with non-english keyboards
  • The Sirius quests can no longer be exploited for infinite RU. Sorry!
  • Fix for typos with the Measured NPCs.
  • "Removing a unidentified character on Trombley II that you can't interact with.
  • Fixing an Objective typo with the Stranded Refugees quest

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