Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah

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Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
A Kohr-Ah captain hanging over its trophy bone pit
Homeworld: Unknown
Coordinates: N/A
Member of: None
Ship: Marauder

The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah are one of the two subraces of the Ur-Quan. They share many physical characteristics with their Ur-Quan Kzer-Za brethren, except their skin is black instead of green and their eyes are blood red. Their race was genetically engineered by the Dnyarri from the main line of the Ur-Quan during the height of the Dnyarri Slave Empire. The Kohr-Ah were designed to be the "effectors," the builders and warriors of the Empire.

The Kohr-Ah named themselves for their greatest surviving leader following their successful revolt against the Dnyarri. Kohr-Ah (the individual) was a starship captain and is credited with the development of the Eternal Doctrine, to which all Kohr-Ah (the race) adhere.

Like their Kzer-Za relatives, the Kohr-Ah are driven more than anything by the need to prevent anything like the Dnyarri slavery from ever happening again. But while the Kzer-Za are satisfied by containing the other species, the Kohr-Ah see genocide as the only solution. They do not have ethical problems with this; each alien they kill could be reborn as an Ur-Quan.

After their defeat by the Kzer-Za in the first Doctrinal Conflict they were banished to circle the galaxy, and when they next met the Kzer-Za they would begin the ceremonial war again to find which subrace's Doctrine was superior. It has been thousands of years and the Kohr-Ah have more than made up for their ancient losses. They have, in fact, surpassed the might of the Kzer-Za and are poised to win their civil war.

In the wake of their travels they have left half the galaxy devoid of sentient life, primarily through the use of their Marauder starships.