United Nations

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United Nations
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Type: Federal Government
Status: unknown

The United Nations Organization, or UN, was founded in AD 1946 as a co-operative parliament for the nations of Earth. A newer designation is the United Nations of Earth.

Forged in the aftermath of World War II, it waxed and waned in relevance until the Small War of 2015 when it began consolidating itself as a planetary government. After a decade of co-operation and a concerted effort in commandeering the nuclear arsenals of all factions, 2025 was the first year without war in Human history.

Under the United Nations, the Androsynth were created as androgynous synthetic humans. Religious hysteria led to a severe reduction in rights and a sub-sentient status for the Androsynth. The segregation caused to the Clone Revolt (or Slave Revolt) of 2085, in which the Androsynth fought their Human brethren and fled the planet. After establishing their new homeworld at Eta Vulpeculae II, the sovereign Androsynth joined the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls.

The United Nations created Star Control, based in Geneva, Switzerland, to handle the military operations and foreign affairs for the Human race.

The United Nations leadership signed in 2116 the treaty to enter the Humans into the Alliance of Free Stars. Following the defeat of the Alliance in 2134, it was likely the UN that chose to take the Oath of Fealty and have Earth encased in a Slave Shield. As a Fallow Slave, the Humans are incommunicado and the status of the UN is unknown; no evidence has surfaced to suggest it was dissolved.