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Timelines of events in the Star Control games.

Star Control: Origins Universe

c. 350,000 BCE First record of the "Precursors" operating in Orion's Spur.
c. 235,000 BCE Precursors construct the Origins and Hypergate network.
c. 200,000 BCE The Eternal Wars. Formation of Quasi-Degenerate worlds. Last recorded sighting of the Precursors.
c. 17,000 BCE W51 event.
c. 16,000 BCE First recorded encounter with Xraki.
c. 14,000 BCE Rise of the Faction of Eight.
c. 8,000 BCE The Scryve are discovered by the Faction of Eight.
c. 7,500 BCE The Scryve overthrow the Faction of Eight. Survivors disperse to unknown parts.
c. 6,500 BCE The Measured discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
c. 4,000 BCE Discovery of the "contagion" which is engineered into a sentient virus by the Scryve.
c. 3,000 BCE The "Ancient One" enters this area of space seeking refuge. Scryve leave it alone.
c. 2,500 BCE Scryve begin discovering Precursor artifacts. An Origin is found allowing them to explore realities above and below their own.
c. 2,450 BCE Destruction of several major species. Scryve adopt new policies towards ward species, vowing to eliminate future threats before they fully develop.
c. 400 AD Drenkend discovered by the Scryve. Extensive genetic modifications commenced to forge them into creatures of war.
c. 1500 Tywom discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
1620 Menkmack discovered by Bylaw Enforcement officers of The Measured. Made wards of the Empire.
1825 Phamysht discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
1853 Overmind discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
1901 Precursor receiver on Ceres stops recording data.
1990 The Tywom discover and uplift a species called the Zalence.
1992 Scryve exterminate the Zalence, warn Tywom not to get "too curious" again.
2035 The Tywom pick up radio broadcasts from Earth. Become enthralled by human culture.
2046 Mowlings discovered by Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
2047 Humans develop strong AI.  The technological singularity.
2048 Jeff enters this area of space.
2055 Race of strong AI beings develop on Earth, become known as the "Lexites".
2061 Scryve pass Act of Youthful Aggression, prohibiting any further addition of ward species to the Empire.
2078 Lexites make "the announcement". In three years, they will be leaving due to "the threat".
2079 Scryve detect Earthling broadcasts. Begins searching for origin point.
2081 Lexites depart Earth to the moon.
2085 Lexites departure from known space.
2086 Star Control formed to discover fate of the Lexites.
2088 Scryve 7th fleet is destroyed by an unknown force allowing the Tywom to warn Earth.

Star Control: Ur-Quan Universe

c. 250,000 BCE The Precursors appear on the galactic scene.
c. 22,000 BCE The Faz join the Sentient Milieu.
c. 20,000 BCE Dnyarri discovered by the Ur-Quan.
c. 17,500 BCE Dnyarri overthrown, the Path of Now and Forever and the Eternal Doctrine formulated, the Words uttered and the Mael-Num driven from their homeworld.
1940 The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za begin forming plans to attack Earth.
2015 The Humans' Small War of 2015.
2019 Creation of the first Androsynth.
2025 The confiscation and storage of all weapons of mass destruction by the United Nations in so-called Peace Vaults, resulting in the first year without war on Earth.
2035 Cataclysm caused by a Deep Child makes Syra uninhabitable, forcing Syreen to flee.
2075 Yehat discover and "uplift" the Shofixti.
2085 The Clone Revolt.
c. 2098 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za enslave first species in our region of space (the Thraddash).
  Ur-Quan Kzer-Za defeat the Umgah.
2111 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the Spathi.
c. 2112 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za defeat the Ilwrath.
2112 The Chenjesu first contact Earth.
2116 Foundation of the Alliance of Free Stars.
2119 The Insult (most probably; possibly in 2126).
2134 Discovery of a Precursor facility on Unzervalt.
  Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm defeated and slave-shielded on Procyon II.
  Humans defeated and slave-shielded on Earth.
2142 Destruction of the Gg by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah.
c. 2145 Destruction of the Burvixese by the Kohr-Ah.
2155 Arrival of the Precursor ship at Earth; start of Star Control II's events.
2159 Start of the Kohr-Ah Death March, if not delayed or prevented.
2160 Start of the Kohr-Ah Death March, if delayed but not prevented.

Graphical timeline of the Ur-Quan Conflicts

The events marked by blue are known to have occurred within a specific year or time frame. Those events marked by red represent the best-guess estimates as to when the actual events occurred.


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