The Triton Signal

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The Triton Signal
Wymdoo's crashed ship.

Return to Quests
This is the first quest that the Captain receives during the story.

A mysterious signal has been detected, originating from Triton, one of Neptune's satellites.


Obtained at the start of the game. Given by Commander Skyla at the Star Control starbase in the Sol system.

The Command Ship receives 100 crew members, 1,000 units fuel and First Officer Kerry during the debriefing. Also, starts out with a reserve of 1000 RUs and two Landers.


  1. Land on Triton, one of Neptune's satellites.
  2. Contact be made with the crashed Tywom ship.
  3. Locate missing parts of Wymdoo's ship. One is on Oberon, a satellite of Uranus, the others are on Mars.
  4. After one part is found a Scryve Probe intercepts the Command Ship.
  5. Return all ship-parts to Wymdoo.
  6. Combat with a Scryve Light Cruiser.
  7. Report to Commander Skyla.