The Measured

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The Measured

The Measured, former name Llani, are a species of auditors, bookkeepers, and administrators, and have been tasked by the Scryve with all the day to day duties in running this particular corner of their Empire. Genetically bred to suit this purpose, The Measured are the oldest and most loyal ward species of the Scryve, and have a long history with them.



Society and Culture


Relations with other species




The Measured Response

Measured Bylaw Enforcement Vessel
Measured Bylaw Enforcement Vessel

The Measured's Bylaw Enforcement Vessel is a versatile platform capable of enforcing various minor codes and statutes around the Scryve Empire. Its most defining feature is its unusual control system, the result of a cleverly filed exemption from Newtonian physics. Beyond that, its cannisters of dangerously boring paperwork combined with its Demotivator field pose a serious danger to tax avoiders and scofflaws.

Notable Members