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In Star Control II, the Planet Lander can collect data about certain organisms that inhabit the planet surface. The following table shows the most important attributes of these creatures. "Value" is how many units of biological data the organism is worth, and "Hit Points" represents how many shots it takes to stun a given organism.

Name Image Type Awareness Value Hit Points Speed Danger
Roto-Dendron Sessile N/A 1 1 Static Harmless
Macrocilla Sessile N/A 6 1 Static Harmless
Splort Wort Sessile N/A 3 1 Static Low
Whackin' Bush Sessile N/A 5 3 Static Moderate 1
Slot Machine Tree Sessile N/A 2 10 Static Harmless
Neon Worm Wanderer N/A 1 2 Slow Harmless
Stiletto Urchin Coward Moderate 8 5 Slow Harmless
Deluxe Blob Hunter Low 2 2 Slow Low
Glowing Medusa Wanderer N/A 3 8 Slow Moderate
Carousel Beast Hunter Moderate 10 15 Slow EXTREME
Mysterious Bees Hunter Moderate 3 3 Med Low
Hopping Blobby Coward Moderate 2 1 Med Harmless
Blood Monkey Wanderer N/A 2 2 Med Low
Yompin Yiminy Hunter High 4 6 Med Moderate
Amorphous Trandicula Wanderer N/A 9 12 Med EXTREME
Crazy Weasel Hunter High 3 1 Fast Low
Merry Whumpet Coward High 1 1 Fast Harmless
Fungal Squid Hunter Low 7 8 Fast Moderate
Penguin Cyclops Coward High 15 2 Fast Low
Chicken Coward Low 1 1 Fast Low
Bubble Vine Wanderer N/A 6 2 Slow Low
Bug-Eyed Bait Coward High 4 2 Slow Low
Goo Burger Sessile N/A 8 5 Static Low
Evil One 2 Sessile N/A 1 1 Static EXTREME
Brainbox Bulldozers 2 Wanderer N/A 0 1 Slow Harmless
ZEX's Beauty 2 Hunter High 15 15 Fast EXTREME
1 The Whackin' Bush is listed in the Role Playing Resource Guide as being harmless, but it is clear from the source code that they are actually moderately dangerous.
2 The Evil ones, the Brainbox Bulldozers, and ZEX's Beauty have a special function within the game, and can be found only on a specific location.

A planet contains at most 3 different types of creatures.

The "type" column shows the type of behavior of the creature. Sessile creatures do not move. Wanderers move around randomly. Cowards move away from the lander. Hunters move towards the lander.

The "awareness" column determines the chance that a creature will notice the lander. It is only applicable for Cowards and Hunters. When the lander enters the direct environment of a creature, there's a fixed chance every frame (35 times per second) that it will be noticeed. When it leaves the direct environment again, the creature goes back to random wandering.

Description chance to be detected
Low 5%
Moderate 10%
High 15%

The "value" column determines the amount of bio units that the creature is worth.

The "hit points" column determines how often you have to shoot the creature for it to be stunned.

The "speed" column determines how fast the creature moves.

The "danger" column determines the chance that a creature will kill a crew member of the lander, every frame that the lander is in contact with the creature (35 times per second).

Description chance to hit
Harmless 0
Low 6/128
Moderate 13/128
EXTREME 26/128