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The Syreen Shuttle contains the first delegation officially sent by the Syreen to the New Alliance of Free Stars during the events of Star Control II. As with the Humans, the Syreen were required to maintain a Starbase above their homeworld, aboard which their best-trained starship crew served, maintaining and repairing Hierarchy ships. When the human Captain convinces Syreen Commander Talana to rejoin the war after uncovering the treachery of the Mycon, Talana sends a handpicked delegation of her best officers and crew to accompany The Flagship and recover the Syreen Penetrator fleet, which has been mothballed by the Ur-Quan in a vault on a faraway world following the Ur-Quan Slave War. Given the sexual habits of Syreen and humans in close quarters, it was thought best to house the Syreen delegation in their own, separate vessel in order to maintain discipline. Even so, it proves impossible to prevent some field research in the area of Human/Syreen xenology from taking place when the shuttle arrives at the Earth Starbase, and other useful work is impeded as requests to do field studies among the Syreen skyrocketed.

Gameplay notes

Relevance to the plot

The Syreen Shuttle is part of the quest to obtain the Sun Device. Talana provides the Shuttle after she and the Syreen population learn that the Mycon were responsible for the destruction of Syra. When a lander encounters the Hierarchy vault on Epsilon Camelopardalis Ia, the Shuttle is automatically dispatched to open the vault and retrieve the Syreen ships.

(It is also possible to obtain the Sun Device without the help of the Syreen, by waiting for the Kohr-Ah to destroy the Mycon.)

Game objectives - required items

Sa-Matra Deep Child Egg Case Fragments - Syreen Shuttle - Sun Device - HyperWave Broadcaster
Clear Spindle - Aqua Helix - Rosy Sphere - Ultron - Utwig Bomb
Taalo Shield - Talking Pet (device)
Yehat Rebellion VUX Beast - Shofixti Maidens
QuasiSpace Ur-Quan Warp Pod - QuasiSpace Portal Spawner