Syreen Ship Vault

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The Syreen Ship Vault is located on the moon of Epsilon Camelopardalis I. Buried deep in the bedrock of the moon's surface, the massive vault was constructed by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za from the same Eterna-tech metal used in their Dreadnought battleships, making it impervious to traditional weaponry. Additionally, the entry is controlled by a complex computer locking system. Following the defeat of the Alliance the Kzer-Za decommissioned the Syreen Penetrator fleet, and, unlike their actions with the Human Cruiser fleet, stored the ships in this vault. Although the Syreen captains were led to the vault in total sensor black-out, they did catch a glimpse of the world's orange-red sun and were able to determine that the location was within 200 HyperSpace units of Betelgeuse. These clues, which Talana passes on to The Captain, limit the location of the vault to 28 star systems.

A Zoq-Fot-Pik deep-space scout encounters the vault but the crew is unsuccessful in their attempt to open it. Likewise, a lander crew from the The Flagship sent to investigate the vault's energy signature will be unable to open the vault alone. The vault can only be opened with the assistance of the crew of the Syreen Shuttle who make short work of the computer entry system. It is necessary to open the vault and retrieve the Syreen fleet in order to lay the trap for the Mycon at Organon and steal the Sun Device.