Supox and Utwig offensive against the Kohr-Ah

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Supox and Utwig offensive against the Kohr-Ah

Supox, Utwig, Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za ships
Duration several months cerca 2158-2159
Location Ur-Quan space
Result Kohr-Ah vicotry
Supox-Utwig retreat
onset of Death March is delayed
Supox-Utwig Alliance Ur-Quan

When the Supox-Utwig Alliance goes into battle against the Kohr-Ah to balance the Second Doctrinal War between the two Ur-Quan subspecies, they initially fight separated - the Supox at Antares and the Utwig in the Horologii stars.

At first, the Ur-Quan are taken by surprise and lose the Horologii stars and Antares, but they soon cope with the threat and deploy their forces accordingly — both the Kohr-Ah and the Kzer-Za (who did not recognize the Supox and Utwig efforts on their behalf) fight against the intruders in the battleground of the Doctrinal Conflict, causing grievous losses, especially in the ranks of the Supox, by taking advantage of their inadequate tactics. After a while, though, the Utwig and the Supox realize that they should work in tandem, the Utwig Juggers providing cover and absorbing the Kohr-Ah Marauders' attack, while the Supox Blades wait for the depletion of the enemy battery, at which point they charge.

As a consequence, each of the two races split their forces between the two fronts at Antares and at Horologii, still facing a very strong opposition. During the battle, numerous Ur-Quan broadcasts were intercepted, including one sent by a Kzer-Za Lord to a Kohr-Ah captain, containing a single word, "Sa-Matra" (after which the Marauder disengaged from combat and proceeded towards the Crateris constellation). These broadcasts (and possibly those sent by the Utwig and Supox ships) were so strong as to reach the Syreen starbase around Gaia. At some point, the Antares front is abandoned, and the combined forces of the Supox and the Utwig proceed towards the Horologii constellation to intercept the Kohr-Ah, eventually being overwhelmed by their superior numbers and forced to withdraw, with their forces severely crippled. The casualties, heavily disproportionate, consisted in only a few dozen ships for the Kohr-Ah, but much more for the Supox and Utwig. The entire offensive takes 160 days, not counting the 21 days necessary for the initial advance towards the Kohr-Ah space and the additional 21 days necessary for the retreat.

The offensive, although unsuccessful, delays the Kohr-Ah victory and their Death March by one year. The Zoq-Fot-Pik agents also witness the battle, and the information they relay permit those on their homeworld to approximate the time won by the Utwig and the Supox to between nine and twelve months.

If you ally the Utwig after the Kohr-Ah death march has already begun (February 17 or later, 2159), the Utwig and Supox will not launch the offensive. Instead, when you ask them for help, they each will give you 4 of their ships for free.

If you delay the death march by being in the Delta Crateris system when the Kohr-Ah win the doctrinal conflict, you can send the Utwig and Supox to fight the Kohr-Ah, but when they arrive, the Kohr-Ah are long gone. The "battle" against nobody proceeds as normal, but it does not affect the Kohr-Ah in any manner whatsoever, because the Kohr-Ah already won the doctrinal conflict.

  • To get this futile outcome, the player must hurry from Delta Crateris to Utwig space in under 7 days -- a feat which requires the Portal Spawner and high levels of both Thrusters and Turning Jets to pull off.