Supox-Utwig Alliance

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Supox-Utwig Alliance
File:Supox and Utwig.png
Supox and Utwig space
at the northeastern corner of the map,
along the Ur-Quan frontier.
Type: Cultural and Military Alliance
Headquarters: unknown
Founded: unknown
Dissolved: ACTIVE
Members: Supox
Affiliation: New Alliance of Free Stars

The Supox-Utwig Alliance is a non-canonical term to denote the cultural and tactical bond between the neighbouring Supox and Utwig. When the Captain makes first contact with the Supox, and if he forges good relations, the Starmap will be updated with both the Supox and Utwig positions; the Utwig do not provide this cartographic service.

Depending on The Captain's diplomatic prowess, both races simultaneously join the New Alliance of Free Stars and together attack the Kohr-Ah.