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About Super Melee

Super Melee is a mode in the Star Control games that lets players select a ship and take it into one-on-one battle with an opponent. In the original Star Control, much of the game was precisely that - the game had a cursory background story that explained the existence of two factions of warring alien races (the Ur-Quan conflict), but little else in the way of plot. 

Star Control II changed this with a rich and exciting Adventure mode, whose combat gameplay was based on the existing Super Melee model. This same model was also playable outside the adventure as "Super Melee," where players could choose from an array of ships from both Star Control I and II and battle against a friend or computer opponent. Star Control 3 kept a similar model with its melee mode.

In Star Control: Origins, the mode is called Fleet Battles and follows roughly the same pattern, with the additional option of allowing players to choose from pre-made ships or create their own.