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Generic Starbase
Generic Starbase

A Starbase is a large, slow-moving orbital space platform. During the Ur-Quan Slave War, starbases were used by both sides as bases of operation and as mobile shipyards in the various skirmishes and battles. However, starbases themselves lack any defensive weapon systems.

Hierarchy Starbases

Following the defeat of the Alliance, the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za required that each Fallow Slave race maintain a space station to assist Hierarchy vessels that are in need of repairs or fuel. These starbases are periodically resupplied by Hierarchy ships, at which time they also replace the personnel with fresh ones from the slave-shielded planet below.

Known Starbases:

Hyperspace Distance Between Starbases

  • Sol to Procyon: 13.0 fuel
  • Betelgeuse to Sol: 33.2 fuel
  • Procyon to Betelgeuse: 37.0 fuel