Star System Exploration

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Star System Exploration

There are several hundred star systems in the Scryve sector of Orion's Spur. When a player enters a star system they are able to navigate to planets, other ships, starbases and other elements that one would expect to find in a star system. The many alien races can be found throughout the galaxy, but most aliens will be found in their home region.


If a planet or moon can be landed on approaching it will proceed to the planet landing screen or to the dialog screen if it is occupied by aliens. Planets that can not be landed on are visually intuitive such as Gas Giants or "Shattered" Planets.

Alien Ships

Approaching an alien ship give you the option to attack, converse or ignore depending on the ships relationship to the captain. Hostile aliens such as the Scryve or Pirates will not give the option to ignore, while allied ships such as the Tywom won't give you the option to attack. Most aliens ships wander around but some ships will directly fly towards and pursue the captain until the command ship flees or meets them.

Spaceships: Star Control Origins Ships


Approaching a Star will damage the command ship, don't fly too close to them.

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