Scryve Scout

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Scryve Scout

The Scryve Scout is one of several ships that players can pilot in Fleet Battles.

Curiously it is not used by the Scryve in story mode.


The Scryve Scout is a small ship that happens to be pretty fast and relatively easy to control. With a high turn rate and an average top speed, this little ship can easily get itself in close to use its short-range Scout Shot weapon, and then out of range in order to avoid counter attacks.

The Scout’s secondary ability is, well... a little final. The scout is great for thinning out ships in an enemy’s fleet that you don’t want to deal with. As long as you can get in close enough to use its secondary ability, that is! Self-Destruct is just what it sounds like - the scout goes into Kamikaze mode and takes whatever ship is unfortunate enough to be in its range out with it.