Scryve Battlecruiser

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Scryve Battlecruiser

The Scryve Battlecruiser is one of several ships that players can pilot in Fleet Battles.

In story mode it is deployed by the Scryve.


The Scryve Battlecruiser is one of the most terrifying ships in the Fleet Battles lineup! It’s big, it’s powerful, it’s... it’s... really, really slow. This ship requires some careful maneuvering, but if you can catch your enemy in its primary Immolation Ray weapon then you’re sure to deal a very devastating blow. You’ll just need to line it up very carefully, because once you’ve fired it you won’t be able to turn to re-position until it’s finished.

The Battlecruiser is also covered in Flak Cannons, a weapon is that hits anything that comes within a certain radius of the ship. Utilizing this secondary weapon is a great way to deter short range enemies from coming in recklessly for an attack. This thing is just outfitted for violence...which is exactly how the Scryve like it.