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Rumdumdaddy is apparently a 5000-year old warrior that a Pkunk named Braky (most likely no relation to Braky Girdy I) managed to make contact with and channel while scrying through some form of spiritual plane. He apparently informed the Pkunk that the various spirits had been so busy answering summons, pushing around glasses on Ouija boards and acting as guides to spiritual travellers, that they didn't have any time to themselves and weren't particularly pleased about it. He proceeded to complain that the Pkunk should all be a bit more respectful of the dead, and leave them alone for a change.

The Pkunk later report to The Captain (who had been asking the Pkunk about his fortune) that since Rumdumdaddy's complaint, they haven't had much cooperation with the spiritual world. The crisis ends later during the game, although the compromise forged between the Pkunk and the beings of the astral plane forbids the former from delving into The Captain's future. Given the playful and whimsical nature of the Pkunk, the truth of this anecdote is questionable.