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The first step.

List of Quests that are available in Star Control: Origins.

In-game the progress is tracked in the Objectives tab, while events are catalogued in the Captain's Log.

Main Story Quests

The main objective in Star Control: Origins is to save humanity from the Scryve menace.

The Triton Signal

Main article: The Triton Signal

This is the first quest the Captain receives in the game.

Meet the Tywom

Main article: Meet the Tywom

Humanity is going to need allies to stand against the Scryve, the first stop is the Tywom homeworld.

Gather information and make contact with alien civilizations

Main article: Gather information and make contact with alien civilizations

Thankfully there are more alien civilizations out there besides the Scryve and Tywom.

The Scryve Assault

Main article: The Scryve Assault

A Scryve ship has managed to find Earth.

The Phamysht Secret

Main article: The Phamysht Secret

The Phamysht are in possession of important information. They love to share military secrets when eating.

Investigate the Scryve Facility in Alpha Satori A

Main article: Investigate the Scryve Facility in Alpha Satori A

The Scryve have a mysterious facility in Alpha Satori A.

Defeat the Xraki threat

Main article: Defeat the Xraki threat

The Xraki are attacking the sector. They must be pushed back.

Star Control Quests

Star Control is a human organization for advancing the species interests in space.

Ceres training facility

Main article: Ceres training facility

Around the dwarf-planet Ceres there is a Star Control facility for training starship pilots.

Expand Earth's influence

Main article: Expand Earth's influence

Star Control needs hyperdrive modules to colonize planets.

Lexite Quests

On the trail of the Lexites

Main article: On the trail of the Lexites

Fining out where the Lexites disappeared to was Star Control's initial mission.

Tywom Quests

The Tywom are the first alien species humanity encounters. And their first allies, if only they weren't so clingy.

Defend the Tywom in their trial

Main article: Defend the Tywom in their trial

The Tywom have found themselves in some legal trouble with the Mu'kay.

Mu'Kay Quests

Form an Alliance with the Mu'Kay

Main article: Form an Alliance with the Mu'Kay

The Mu'Kay have formed the Federation of Allied Species, this is something humanity would be interested in joining.

Help the Mu'Kay Researchers

The Search for Fish

Main article: The Search for Fish

Find out what the Mu'Kay want to speak about

Directive Breach

Main article: Directive Breach

Menkmack Quests

Form an Alliance with the Menkmack

The Fake Ice World

Main article: The Fake Ice World

Drenkend Quests

Stop the Drenkend

Main article: Stop the Drenkend

The Drenkend attaks on alien species must be stopped.

Greegrox Quests

Talking to Space Fish

Main article: Talking to Space Fish

Form an Alliance with the Greegrox

The Mu'Kay Apology

Main article: The Mu'Kay Apology

The Lost Greegrox

Main article: The Lost Greegrox

The Measured Quests

Learn how to communicate with the Measured

Find lost records belonging to The Measured

Trandals Quests

Form an Alliance with the Trandals

Strange Clues

Main article: Strange Clues

Meet the Free Trandals

Main article: Meet the Free Trandals

Help the Free Trandals

Main article: Help the Free Trandals

Help the Free Trandals. Again

Mowlings Quests

Form an Alliance with the Mowlings

Pinthi Quests

Form an Alliance with the Pinthi

Cure yourselves of the Pinthi infection

Stop the Greegrox from attacking the Pinthi

Miscellaneous Quests

There are many aliens out there. Some might be in need of a little help.

The Doomed Charlox

Main article: The Doomed Charlox

Fallen Radiant Angel

Main article: Fallen Radiant Angel

The Fate Of The Sacra

Main article: The Fate Of The Sacra

Gravity is a harsh mistress

The Hunt for the Clavis Aurea

The Mercenary Attacks

Main article: The Mercenary Attacks

Someone has hired a mercenary to eliminate the Captain.

The Mystery Of The Vault

Main article: The Mystery Of The Vault

Pirate problems

Main article: Pirate problems

The Urlon and Yim in Siriu A are being harrassed by Kzanti pirates.

Poor communication kills

Main article: Poor communication kills

The Hurnese and the Halgoth of the Altair system are fighting each other.

The Sanctuary World

Main article: The Sanctuary World

The Stranded Refugees

Main article: The Stranded Refugees

A Norast Transport is in need of assistance.

Unhappy neighbors

Main article: Unhappy neighbors

The Urlon on Skekaye would prefer not having to share with the Yim.

The Xontar Merchant

Main article: The Xontar Merchant

A Xontar Freighter has some pirate problems.

Yuggoth hungers

Main article: Yuggoth hungers

Earth Rising - Aftermath

Deep Horizons

Main article: Deep Horizons

The New Ally

Main article: The New Ally

Martian Mystery

Main article: Martian Mystery

Mars was the first attempt at human space colonization, it did not end well.

Wymdoo's Frenemy

Main article: Wymdoo's Frenemy

Fish Exploitation

Main article: Fish Exploitation

The Ancient Monitors

Main article: The Ancient Monitors

Earth Rising - Return of the Lexites

Setting Up Defenses

Main article: Setting Up Defenses

Convince the Mu'Kay

Main article: Convince the Mu'Kay

Varroa's Hunt For A Cure

Main article: Varroa's Hunt For A Cure

Morkbeck's Suspicious Treasure

Scryve Data Core

Main article: Scryve Data Core

A Coalition Strained

Main article: A Coalition Strained

Earth Rising - The Syndicate

The Norast

Main article: The Norast

A Norast overseer in Beta Brutus has a proposition to make.

The Liberators

Main article: The Liberators

The Scavengers

Main article: The Scavengers

A Verezi agent has requested a meeting.


Main article: Recruitment

Climbing The Ranks

Main article: Climbing The Ranks

The Librarian

Main article: The Librarian

A Bitter Feud

Main article: A Bitter Feud

Scryve Fleet

Main article: Scryve Fleet

Bigger Fish

Main article: Bigger Fish

Earth Rising - Earth Rises

Heir to the Scryve

Main article: Heir to the Scryve

The Forge

Main article: The Forge

Victims of a Dying Sun

Main article: Victims of a Dying Sun

Rescue Tuftua

Main article: Rescue Tuftua

Dry Dock

Main article: Dry Dock

The Cartographer's Beacon

Basher Rodeo

Main article: Basher Rodeo

The Gold Ship

Main article: The Gold Ship