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Procyon is an orange dwarf star at 074.2 : 226.8, the home star system of the Chenjesu. The star system contains five planets and two moons. Near the end of the Great Crucible of Sentience, the Ur-Quan Hierarchy diverted the majority of their forces to taking this system. Following the defeat of the Alliance, the Chenjesu requested to be slave-shielded together with the Mmrnmhrm on their homeworld in this system. The two races began a 35 Earth year-long synthesis, which they call "The Process," powered only by the radiant energy of Procyon. Since the energy output of Procyon is not entirely constant, the exact duration for The Process is uncertain.1 It was the hope of the two races to join their species to create a unified race of crystalline machines. However, with the aid of the Sun Device, The Captain accelerates the Process, allowing a new race, the Chmmr, to emerge and join the New Alliance.

Somewhere in this system were discovered a series of Precursor burrows. These burrows contained the `Empties', the `Singing Hoops', and `the Big Dud', all Precursor artifacts noted for their similarity to the Ultron.

The following is a list of planets and moons in this star system:

Notes and references

1In-game dialogue with the proto-Chmmr gives the 35 year duration. The Role Playing Resource Guide gives a duration 90-110 years for The Process (p. 23).
2The Ilwrath start guarding Procyon II with an endless number of Avenger starships when The Captain obtains the Sun Device. The Captain removes the enemy starships by sending them against the Thraddash.
3Despite the planet appearing lifeless in Star Control II, Professor Zorg's Guide to Alien Etiquette from Star Control 1 mentions a "bar in the blue-light district of Bathulga City on Procyon Four"