Precursor Starbases

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Precursor Starbases
Projection of a starbase caretaker

The only known permanent structures within hyperspace are the mysterious Precursor Starbases.

The Command Ship can dock with Precursor Starbases to refuel, perform upgrades, trade resources, construct ships, and use the Hypergate network to rapidly transit to any other Starbase in the region, that has already been visited. The use of Hypergates allows for travelling between vast distances that would otherwise be impossible or laborious.

In addition visiting a Precursor Starbase will unlock new items for purchase.


These starbases were built by the Precursors, a hyper-advanced species that has disappeared from this region of the galaxy. It is unknown when exactly the starbases were build, however, Inner Source Starbase reveals that recordings have been going on since 218,209 years ago.

After their creators left the starbases became inoperative, according to information provided by the Inner Source Starbase it has been nonoperational for 205,432 years.

They have recently been awakened by the Arilou to function for the Captain, and only them. Due to the extremely long time they were inactive, the databanks of the starbases have decayed and most of the information possessed by them has become corrupted.

Known Precursor Starbases

Hypergate map with starbases
  • Chrome Expanse Starbase
  • Erroneous Vector Starbase
  • Fluorescent Approach Starbase
  • Great Void Starbase
  • Inner Source Starbase - near the Sol system
  • Monitor Deep Starbase
  • Origin Survey Starbase
  • Perilous Range Starbase
  • Sanctum Starbase
  • Spur Entry Starbase
  • Vacant Fortress Starbase