Pirate problems

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Pirate Problems

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The Urlon and Yim of Sirius A are not getting along with their Kzanti "neighbors".

This isn't tracked in Objectives.


Spoken with Urlon Biosphere around Sirius III, Yim homeworld on Sirius Prime, or any of the two Kzanti Intimidators.


Chose to side with the Urlon and Yim or the Kzanti.

  • Sided with Urlon and Yim
  1. Destroyed the Kzanti ships.
  • Sided with Kzanti
  1. Destroyed the three transports.


  • If sided with Urlon and Yim, 1000RU from both. Must not inform Urlons of reward from Yim to also get it from them.
  • If sided with Kzanti either 2000RU or Enforcer Drive module, depending on which ship spoken to.
    • Kzanti ships can still be attacked for salvage.