Pinthi Contagion

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Pinthi Contagion

The Pinthi Contagion is one of several ships that a player can pilot in Fleet Battles.

In story mode it is deployed by the Pinthi.


The Pinthi Contagion is a quick turning and reasonably fast vessel that looks a lot more like a pulsating organism than it does a ship. Regardless of how it looks, the Contagion is a dangerous enemy to meet on the battlefield!

Although it can’t take a lot of hits, this vessel can still hold its own in a battle. Its primary Infection weapon fires slow moving blobs of a green, phlegm-like substance - ew - that have a long range and damage the enemy ship if they impact.

Its secondary weapon, Contagion, releases a small free-flying drone that chases down the enemy and shoots its own blobs of green phlegm at them. Maybe these Pinthi should see a doctor about that.