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The Pinthi are a species of intelligent bioweapons, genetically engineered viruses which have gained a measure of sapience after millions of generations of evolution. Originally discovered by the Scryve, the Pinthi committed many atrocities during the millennia before they achieved awareness. Feeling great regret for these crimes, the Pinthi now despise the Scryve and are one of the few species in the area actively resisting them. They're still hated and feared by everyone else though, as horrific bioweapons so often are.



Society and Culture


Relations with other species





Pinthi Contagion

Pinthi Contagion

The Pinthi Contagion begins its life as a repurposed comet or other small body from a solar system's Kuiper Belt. Originally developed by the Scryve as a means of deploying the Pinthi against the worlds of aliens they didn't like very much, since gaining sapience, the Pinthi have made a few changes of their own design. Its primary weapon is now a spore cloud gun, capable of badly damaging an enemy's health from a distance. This is supported by the Contagion, a small autonomous subcolony of the main vessel, capable of firing its own spore clouds.

Notable Members