Phamysht Consumer

The Phamysht Consumer is one of several ships players can pilot in Fleet Battles.

In story mode it is deployed by the Phamysht.


When the Phamysht say that it’s “nice to meet you,” they mean M-E-A-T. The Phamyhst Consumer is a quick ship with a moderate turn rate and a decent weapons range. Their energy level and recharge rate aren’t especially high, so it means you’ll need to be patient to line up worthwhile shots with their weapons, but if you hit, it really does hurt!

Their primary attack, Charbroiled, shoots a high-speed mid-range bolt toward enemy ships. Timing the shot can be tricky, but your opponent will be wishing they’d dodged if they’re careless enough to be hit.

The Phamysht really would just like to ask you to dinner. Their Invitation attack creates a pulse of psychic energy around them that "encourages" some of your crew to hop in an escape pod and head on over to their ship. The Phamysht can then consume the escape pod to restore energy and keep in the fight, so watch out - this is one invitation you’re going to want to decline!

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