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The Phamysht are a species of pleasant, well-mannered, extremely cannibalistic space monsters. Exceptionally creative, and with an unrivaled eye for design, the Phamysht were once warmly welcomed as ward members of the Scryve Empire, though their eating habits were frowned upon. Now somewhat on the outs with their masters, few know what move the Phamysht have planned next.


Phamysht morphology is comparable to that of an eyeless snake. They possess four arms and long muscular bodies, and their mouths are full of razor sharp teeth. Despite evolving as ambush predators and their fixation on cannibalism, the Phamysht are omnivores, and are capable of injesting a wide variety of food. In their ancient past they apparently faced the same medical risks from cannibalism as most species, however they somehow found a way to rid themselves of these drawbacks.

They are classified by The Measured as a level A9 sentient species.


The Phamysht evolved as tree-dwelling ambush predators on the planet of Ela Rise. After becoming the apex predators of their world, they grew as a civilization in a fairly standard way. Discovering fire, the wheel, antibiotics, and having periods of war and peace. However unlike most species, cannibalism would become a normalized and expected part of their lives, and this would carry over to their dealings with other sapient species when they reached the stars.

About 300 years ago the Phamysht had only relatively recently developed space travel only to be discovered by the Scryve, who offered them a choice to become a vassal of their Empire or be annihilated. The Phamysht became a ward of their empire, with their "mid-century modern" artwork becoming quite popular on the Scryve homeworld for a time.

Society and Culture

The Phamysht have a highly cultured civilization, with artistic flair even affecting the designs of their ships and technology. Phamshyt individuals are known to partake in cosmetic body modification, such as piercings or cybernetics. Their cannibalism is highly ritualized, often saved for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. Certain Phamysht even volunteer to be eaten, as they become the center of attention. Their prey are typically injected with painkillers and mood-stabilizer, which makes the experience somewhat pleasurable.


Relations with other species

The Phamysht have quite the taste for aliens, and claim to have sampled most of the sentient or subsentient species in this galaxy.





Phamysht Consumer

Phamysht Consumer
The Phamysht Consumer is one of the most striking in the region, made up of three seemingly disconnected parts which, as in unison, form something unmistakably greater. A product of the Phamysht's famed midcentury modernist art movement, the vessel's clean lines also strike terror amongst the aliens throughout the stars for what they warn of: your imminent consumption by hungry monsters. Its primary fire, a high-heat laser, is capable of preparing its meals in situ, and is augmented by the Phamysht's feared Invitation Bell, a psychohalucinogenic compulsion felt by any affected aliens to jump overboard and float towards the Phamysht vessel.