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The Overmind is an artificial intelligence of low to middling malevolence who has completely taken control of the alien species known as Trandals. Evidently running on the mobile devices the members of this species all carry around, the Overmind is intent on one thing only: spreading itself.

Nominally a member of the Scryve Empire, the Overmind has sense enough to spare the Scryve from its efforts to spread itself, for now, and is thus more or less left alone to do as it will with the less-technologically savvy species of the area.



Society and Culture


Relations with other species





Trandals Frigate

Overmind Vessel

The Overmind's vessel is a standardized design built to most efficiently spread the Overmind. The vessel is equipped with a wide spread laser capable of efficiently disabling foes for Overmind implantation, although it is also very efficient at just destroying said foes as well. A hyperspeed boost lets it close the range to its target so that whichever of those options it chooses it does so quickly.