Organon I

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Telluric World
Organon I
Astronomical data
Orbit2.03 a.u.
Atmosphere2.00 atm
WeatherClass 4
TectonicsClass 2
Mass0.91 e.s.
Radius0.96 e.s.
Gravity0.98 g
Day length0.92 Earth days
1 satellite
Satellite aAzure World

Organon I is a beautiful world, with a surface covered with abundant life and a molten, active core. This Telluric World was ranked, by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, a close second to Gaia as a choice for a new homeworld for the Syreen. Because of this, the Syreen use the life-rich world as bait to lure the Mycon into an ambush. Informed by The Captain of a suitable world for the spread of Juffo-Wup, the Mycon move the majority of their fleet to implant Deep Children into the lush planet, but are ambushed by the Syreen fleet hiding behind the planet's single moon.