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File:Notext VR nemesis.png
Fan-made image by VileRancour.

Underestimating the Orz Nemesis would likely be the last mistake any captain makes. As its name suggests, this ship is a goddess of revenge, coming to inflict pain and vengeance on the galaxy. Never, under any circumstances, chase after the Nemesis!


The Nemesis is fairly quick, has a fair turn-rate and good acceleration. Its relatively large footprint makes dodging incoming fire difficult, although not impossible.



The Nemesis is armed with a moderately powerful howitzer cannon which is remarkable in that it can be rotated to different firing positions during combat by holding the secondary weapon button while using the turning controls. The rotational turret allows usage as a strafing weapon or as a backwards utilized attacker-repellent. The energy costs of this weapon are rather large, however, and it can only fire volleys of two or three shots at a time. Each hit from the howitzer kills three crew members.


Art of Orz Marine from Star Control 2 Guide

Orz crew, encased in robotic, armored exo-skeleton, can exit the ship from the aft portholes — launched by holding the secondary button while pressing the fire button — and enter an enemy ship by burning a hole in its hull. These Orz Marines then start roaming the enemy ship’s corridors, killing any enemy crewmember they encounter. However, there is also a small risk that an Orz Marine itself will fall victim to the enemy crew and be killed. Especially useful in large groups, the Marines can blast a ship entirely by themselves. Any Marine aboard an enemy ship when it explodes will jet back out into space and set a return course for the Nemesis. The Marines are also very adept at using a Leyland Gravity Whip to speed them towards their target, a tactic for which they have been specially trained. Each Marine is heavily armored and can take three damage before dying. Strangely unlike the interceptors launched by Dreadnought the Marines don't seem to run out of life support resources or fuel and will not stop their pursuit unless the enemy ship is destroyed or they lost it due to the cloaking device.

Tactical Overview

A very effective ship that rarely fails, although prolonged combat against multiple opponents can take a heavy toll. This ship is (ironically) especially vulnerable to the Androsynth Guardian.


  • Marines kill one enemy crew automatically upon boarding an opposing ship.
  • While marines are on board an opposing ship, a virtual die roll is made every half second for each marine. The possible outcomes of this die roll are: 50% chance one enemy crew dies, 43.75% chance nothing happens, 6.25% chance a marine dies.
  • A single marine will score 9 kills (including the freebie) on average before dying, though results vary tremendously.
  • A maximum of eight Marines can be present on the battlefield at any given time.
3DO Orz Nemesis
Basic stats
Crew: 16 Value: 23 pts
Battery: 20 Batt. Regeneration: 0.142 units/frame
Primary: Howitzer Secondary: Space Marine
Refire delay: 5 frames Refire delay: 12 frames
Energy use: 6 units Energy use: 0 units
Max speed: 35 world units/frame Turn rate: 0.5 facings/frame
Acceleration: 5 units/frame Mass: 4