Mu'Kay Grasper

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Mu'Kay Grasper

The Mu'Kay Grasper is one of several ships that players can pilot in Fleet Battles.

In story mode it is deployed by the Mu'Kay.


The Mu’kay Grasper is best piloted by someone who isn’t afraid of moving in fast and getting in close. This ship has no ranged gun to fire, but instead grabs its enemies up in its mechanical harpoons and crushes their ship to death.

Its secondary weapon, Ink Blob, lets you drop huge pools of energy-sucking ink all over the map. Enemies who fly into these blobs will take damage AND lose energy. Its reasonable recharge rate allows for quite a lot of ink blobbing - trick your opponents into chasing you through them to claim victory!

With its good acceleration, turn rates, and moderate speed, the Mu’Kay Grasper is an excellent choice for the brave and the bold...or the crazy and the reckless. Your call.