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The Mu'Kay are a species of intelligent cephalopods, and one of the friendlier groups of aliens in the Scryve Empire. Although they never question the Scryve publicly, in private the Mu'Kay feel a great sense of unease at the way the Scryve interfere with less advanced beings. Quietly, the Mu'Kay have begun laying the groundwork for creating their own Federation of Allied Species, dedicated to more egalitarian principles like cooperation, non-interference, and the consumption of fish.


The Mu'kay are very squidlike in appearance, though have only four tentacles and a beak near their eyes. At some point in their maturation their adolescent tentacles drop. They have waste-valves that are different from humans. They are an egg-laying species.


Society and Culture


Relations with other species





Mu'Kay Grasper

Mu'Kay Vessel

The Mu'Kay Grasper vessel is a large research and exploration vessel, equipped with the massive sprawling tentacles all spaceships ought to have. An absolute menace at close range with its Harpoon, the Mu'Kay vessel also has the ability to deploy a massive ink blot, to help protect it from predators by draining their batteries and locking out weapons.

Notable Members