Mowlings Fencer

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Mowlings Fencer

The Mowlings Fencer is one of several ships a player can pilot in Fleet Battles.

In story mode it is deployed by the Mowlings.


These little guys may look adorable and innocent, but don’t be fooled! The Mowlings Fencer is a fast moving ship with a high acceleration and decent top speed. Their primary weapon, the Beam Carver, shoots a devastating red laser straight out from the ship’s bow. Although it requires the enemy to be at a fairly close range, the Fencer’s high turn rate make it tough to evade the beam once you’ve run into it.

These Mowlings have one other trick up their sleeve with their secondary weapon - Summon Jeff. Jeff is their deity, and he protects the form of an aggressive and powerful ship that will appear to shoot down anyone who dares to threaten them. It’s really in your best interest to avoid making Jeff angry. It never ends well.