File:MmrnmhrmCaptain Portrait.png
The robotic Mmrnmhrm.
Status: merged with Chenjesu to form Chmmr
Homeworld: Original unknown, now Procyon II
Coordinates: 074.2 : 226.8
Member of: Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: X-Form

The Mmrnmhrm (/'mɝn.hɝm/? by the Proto-Chmmr, /ˈmɝ.nəˌhɝm/?—erroneously—by Commander Hayes) were sentient, mechanical beings produced by the Mother-Ark about a millennium before the events of Star Control II on some moon in the Virginis constellation. The origin and purpose of the Mother-Ark and the millions of Mmrnmhrm it produced are unknown. Each Mmrnmhrm was created with an innate knowledge and purpose, though none have revealed what that purpose may be. It has been speculated, notably by Commander Hayes, that the Mmrnmhrm were the first stage in a colonization effort by a distant, technologically proficient alien culture, which would follow the path the Mmrnmhrm took, and colonize the planets within the Mmrnmhrm sphere of influence. The Mmrnmhrm language is composed primarily of consonants, though it also contains a small number of vowels (at least in their names).1

In time, the Mmrnmhrm met the Chenjesu, and their cooperation and friendship became the foundation for the Alliance of Free Stars. The Spathi also mention that they had contact with the Mmrnmhrm prior to the Ur-Quan Slave War; the Mmrnmhrm tried to colonize Beta Hercullis, which is within the Spathi's sphere of influence, but they left the system without incident when the Spathi explained their claim to the system. After the Alliance lost to the Hierarchy in the War, the Mmrnmhrm, along with the Chenjesu, asked to be encased within a slave shield on Procyon II, the Chenjesu homeworld.

During the Ur-Quan Slave War, the Mmrnmhrm flew their adaptable X-Form starships.

The Mmrnmhrm have been synthesized with the Chenjesu to form a new hybrid race, the Chmmr, to fight against the Hierarchy. This was a logical solution for the Mmrnmhrm, as no more of their species could be made after the Mother Ark shut down. It is not known whether any Mmrnmhrm still remain, especially considering that, as the Chmmr state, "The Process is incomplete".

Notes and references

1Star Control manual, pg. 27

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