List of unnamed species

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Agent 71's species

Agent 96's species

Barlon's species

Dagroza's species

Eta Fang III civilization

A extinct species who were native to Eta Fang III. They had tried to develop transporter technology, but could never make it past the half way mark. Their whole civilization went extinct when testing the transporter, with billions and billions of their people being cut in half.

Gamma Fautum II aliens

A somewhat primitive and violent species that lives on Gamma Fatum II. They seemingly have made some form of alien contact before, as they are aware of ships and death ray technology, the Scryve and Xontar are two races known to have visited their system. They have developed bludgeons of death, scimitars of death, flails of death, halberds of death and trebuchets of death. They have vast supplies of gold, they ask the Captain for death rays in exchange for gold and he is able provide them with a nuke, which causes them to celebrate in the streets.

Gamma Fautum VIII inhabitants

A species who had a city on Gamma Fatum VIII. Around eight thousand years ago a volcano erupted above their city, the Scryve (using an ancient variant of Scryve Battlecruiser) attempted to evacuate them but they crashed due to overloading their ship with civilians.

Horvak's species

Krig's species

Liberators member species

Morckbeck's "boys"

Paper aliens

Pheromone aliens

A species of aliens that communicate via pheromones, capable of rapidly changing their smells. Found on the moon Macbride's Testament, orbiting the Rainbow World Mithrilar in the Geminorum system.

Species wiped out by Ooros