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A list of the "less significant" species in the universe of Star Control Origins . For a list of species not even encountered in the game, see the List of background species.


The Amror were an interstellar species native to Theta Najmanowicz A I. Decades ago, when the Amror had only begun the take their first steps into space when strange beings called the Harmony appeared in orbit, and began a slow but relentless attack. Many Amror fled into space, where they were still pursued by the Harmony. Those that fled left several record caches in the Cudgel cluster for any Amror that would follow. But ultimately, only one ship was able to evade them.

Little did the Amror know, these Harmony were fighting machines who rebelled against their creator, a lone madman by the name of Gramuoir Renoot. This brilliant but lonely Amror had created the Harmony to to do errands for him, fight his battles, and provide him with companionship. He was able to escape from his creations in a ship of his own design, and hid on the planet Drypsyn VII. Here he hid in shame for many years, attempting to get help from others such as the Menkmack to create a device capable of defeating the Harmony and saving his people. Eventually, with the help of the humans, he was able to create a nullifier that rendered most Harmony ships inoperable. Unfortunately he was too late, the Harmony had already wiped out the remaining Amror on his homeworld. Gramuoir vowed to wipe out the Harmony entirely, however it is unknown if the captain allowed him to join their fleet, or finished the job, rendering the Amror extinct.


The Boscans are a species or faction of aliens whose ships are used in a region of the Outer Spur that is home to many refugees and scavengers. They seem to be affiliated with the Syndicate.


The Charlox are a tentacled species from the planet Charlox in the Gamma Orchidum System. Years ago, they found a source of energy in their moon, Minio, but in their harvesting of it they shattered the moon. As a result, toxic dust rains on their homeworld, slowly killing off the species. Ten years ago they began construction of a colony ship to settle on the planet Areons or its moon Milos. They sent many of their most gifted citizens, but the ship sadly never made it, they received their last transmission from it within a month. The Charlox had failed to account for radiation protection, but they had no way of gleaming such until the humans arrived. The humans were able to reveal to the Charlox the fate of their colony ship, and provided them with enough Lead to make a protected colony ship. Allowing them to settle on Areons, ensuring the future of their species.


A species of which very little is known. Only one is found at Beta Garanulus in a fairly powerful ship. They are rude and attack without explanation.


The Foon are a member species of the Syndicate. They have the appearance of fleshy insectoid, speak in the third person. They fly Attack Ships that the other members of the Syndicate occasionally use.


The Halgothi are a pompous species native to planet Halgoth in the Altair system. Biologically, they are a tentacled species with multiple anuses. They have only recently developed space travel, and have a poor understanding of the universe and their place in it. They have kerosene-powered tools and haven't yet left their solar system, yet expect any other aliens to have heard of them, likely due to them believing the universe is only a million miles across and half as wide. Little is known of their early history, besides the fact that their first emperor was an individual named Kob.

One of their attempts to make contact with alien species was broadcasting toothpaste ads by radio waves in a random direction for a few weeks. A few decades ago they sent out their first space probe, coincidentally a species from the same system known as the Hurnians, had sent out a probe at the same time. A nearby Kzanti pirate took advantage of this, scrapping the probes thus leading the Halgothi to believe that the Hurnians were responsible. Thus they spent two decades making another probe, to declare war on the Hurnians. They developed space travel at the cost of most of their planet's metals, thus their war with the Hurnians became one for expansion.


The Harmony are an artificial race of battle machines created by the Amror scientist Gramuoir Renoot. They were created to fight his battles, do errands, and provide him with companionship. However they rebelled against their master and eventually wiped out the rest of the Amror race. They inhabit a number of stars in the eastern Outer Spur, and fly massive and powerful battleships. They speak in a strange hexadecimal code. Gramuouir was eventually able to created a nullifier that disables harmony ships, and vowed to wipe them out, even if they had be destroyed one by one.


Harshiro Javelins are ships that can be found crashed all around this region of space. Two ships with living aliens can be found in the Serpens system, however they speak in strange unconnected seeming words then becomes violent. Another alien in a Harshiro ship can be found in Eta Wendigo B, but as it has the same appearance and things to say as the nearby alien in a Jebyoux Patroller, it is unlikely this alien is a Harshiro.



The Hurnians are a species native to planet Hurnia in the Altair system. They have only recently developed space travel, and have a poor understanding of the universe and their place in it.


Hyrrean Interceptors are ships that can be found crashed all around this region of space. One Hyrrean can be encountered in the Beta Cudgel A system. They speak in strange riddles and are generally unhelpful.

They have a vaguely equine appearance.


A species that fly large ships in a territory near or in the areas that the Greegrox congregate in. When hailed they only reply with "Mmmmmm" at varying lengths and will then attack. Some of their ships are part of a bizarre gathering in the Arcturus system, consisting of various powerful ships that don't respond to any hails and turn violent.

They appear to be a three-eyed species that uses facial coverings or masks.


The Irulians are a species of aliens whose ships are used in a region of the Outer Spur that is home to many refugees and scavengers. Some of them seem to speak a language that is unable to be translated by the Vindicator's computers.


Jebyoux Patrollers are ships that can be commonly found crashed in this region of space. Two Jebyoux can be found flying near the Maelnir Space Bazaar in Eta Wendigo B, they act rude and threatening. One of them flies a possibly stolen Harshiro ship.


The Jonterwock are intelligent machines found on the planet Mu Wendigo II. They speak in rhyme and have no knowledge of their creators. They claim they are toys created for amusement, but their own large size makes them call this into question. They hide in caves due to fear of space travellers salvaging them for their valuable parts.


The Kzanti are a race of opportunistic space pirates. The are strange squat beings with six eyes, and they are known to possess a skeleton. They are a member race of the Syndicate and were the first of them to arrive in the Outer Spur. They apparently have no knowledge of their planet of origin, living almost entirely on spaceships, the few times they create planetside bases the interiors resemble those of their spaceships.

They primarily survive by preying upon "young" starfaring races, often picking through the "bones" of races destroyed by the Scryve. They also literally feed on bones. The Kzanti are known for a being a diverse bunch, and quite violent. Their overreliance on violence makes them cause a lot of headaches for the rest of the Syndicate. Some Kzanti work as miners, guards, and on transport ships.


The Kri are an insectoid member race of the Syndicate. They are bandits, who have hunted Norast refugees for decades with religious fervor. They steal their cargo and food, and believe the Norast to be some sort of harvest, sent by their gods. They arrived in the Outer Spur slightly after certain other members, such as the Kzanti, who arrived in the sector first. They think very poorly of the Tywom for their "squishyness", and think even less of humans.



Muaertreaze Fighters are ships that can be commonly found crashed in this region of space. One Muaertreaze can be found flying near the Maelnir Space Bazaar in Eta Wendigo B, they act rude and threatening.

They appear to be a blobby or sluglike species.


The Norast are a species of four-eyed, multi-armed aliens who are refugees from further up the Spur, and are fleeing the Outsider Phenomena. Their ancestral homeworld was located far on the other side of the Mid Spur, and was destroyed by a group of aliens called the K'past. The Norast would discover years later that the K'past were victims themselves, fleeing the Outsider Phenomenon that originated from the Inner-Spur. The whole region was in exodus, fleeing an unknown threat. Aliens swarming over and past each other, fighting over the few habitable planets they could find. The Norast fled as well, as part of a wave of refugees. The Norast in particular found themselves rather well off as refugees. During their exodus, they met a faction known as the Liberators who would enter into a mutual assistance pact with them.

As of 2088 the Norast have been refugees for generations, and now have a mild temporary presence in the Outer Spur, and claim they have learned of a safe place in its further reaches. They often set up outposts for selling food and fuel, as well as (well-named) devices for regulating the pressure of fuel. As Norast vessels have famously unreliable fuel pressure regulators. One such outpost is on Slatha, in the Proxima Centauri system. Norast have, by necessity, an irregular hierarchy. Norast vessels often spend much time entirely on their own. But when there are enough in an area to require a coordinated effort, an Overseer is chosen to make decisions on behalf of the group. Norast being an older race, have little, see little purpose in generosity, and look down on those who seek help yet have nothing to offer.

They are often preyed upon by the Syndicate, in-particular the Kri. Despite most Norast having a lack of desire to enter into galactic affairs, one Overseer sought a minor alliance with Humanity. In return for the Captain dealing with some Kri bandits, the Overseer provided humanity with the means to build Norast vessels.




Radiant Angel

A strange race of extradimensional castaways, they have a language that is difficult to translate but has been deciphered by the Tywom who were trying to befriend them. They can be found in the Llvoren and Lynx clusters. They are searching for something known as the Clavis Aureum, said to be a bridge between this dimension and theirs. They claim that the similarly named Clavis Carcerem, an object recovered from the corpse of the space beast known as Hastur, isn't from their world, but is from one much darker. They offered to take it so they may destroy it.

They have an almost angelic crystalline appearance.



Shantid Destroyers are powerful ships found crashed all over this part of the galaxy. One violent Shantid can be found in Gamma Arachnus.

They appear to be a fierce looking reptilian species that wear armor.


An unknown species, some of their ships are part of a bizarre gathering in the Arcturus system, consisting of various powerful ships that don't respond to any hails and turn violent. Their ships are not found anywhere else.







The Vokas are a rock-like species from the world of Vokal-Dep, a crystalline world with vast caves. They communicate via vibrations and move by rolling, their diet consists of minerals. They have set up bases on several different mineral-rich worlds, including recreational ones, which they call Voks-plaz. They call non-Vokas races, Voks-non. The Scryve but have no military to speak of, but have technology they calls Voks-tek. They were previously ignored by the Scryve, but they have recently become an issue.



The Xelnathi are a fairly mysterious species, only one ship is found in the Eta Priapus system and it is fairly powerful. They do not even show their face when hailed, they only shout "Zvvzzvzzvz!" and attack.