List of Weapon Modules

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List of Weapon Modules

Return to Command Ship Upgrades

Icon Name Acquisition Description
Basic Nuke Starting equipment

Starbase - 500RU

Just your basic nuclear device. Limited speed and homing abilities.
Advanced Nuke 5000RU

Ceres training facility

A more advanced nuclear missile with improved tracking and range.
Hyper Sonic Nuke Visited Great Void Starbase


An incredibly deadly homing nuclear missile, using technology pieced together from information left by the Lexites. Great range and speed.
Point Defense Ceres training facility A weak, short-range laser with powerful autotargeting systems. Best used for point defense to deflect incoming projectiles.
Ink Blob Zeta Pavo B>I Sprays a damaging cloud of ink around your ship. Damaging to your enemies, that is.
Shield Lacaille 8760>Salara>Vistasir An energy shield capable of absorbing incoming attacks.