List of Special Modules

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List of Special Modules

Return to Command Ship Upgrades

Icon Name Acquisition Description
AI Fleet Coordinator Starbase - 1500RU Artificial intelligence systems allow fleet battles to be automatically controlled.

Turning Speed +65%
Battle Speed +25%
Battle Acceleration +25%
Fleet-wide Battle Speed +20%

Trajectory Correction Computer Starbase - 5000RU For the captain who just can't land right. This thing will do its best to land for you. Satisfaction guaranteed (not a guarantee).
System Scanner Visited Inner Source Starbase

1000 RU

Lets you quickly find objects of interest on planetary bodies.
Small Fuel Container Visited Great Void Starbase

2500 RU

A small fuel pod. It provides a modest amount of fuel storage allowing the ship to travel further.

Fuel Capacity +250

Hyperdrive Accelerator Visited Great Void Starbase

6000 RU

Increases speed when traveling through Hyperspace by 20%.

Hyperspace Speed 20% Maximum Possible
Hyperspace Acceleration 20% Maximum Possible