List of Precursor relics

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List of Precursor relics

Evidences of the Precursors have been found almost everywhere in the galaxy, ranging from text fragments to massive starships. The Sentient Milieu was known to have discovered, studied and sought out Precursor relics. During the Ur-Quan Slave War between the Alliance of Free Stars and the Ur-Quan Hierarchy, there were sporadic discoveries of mining installations, colony installations, and knowledge tablets left behind by the Precursors. The knowledge tablets contained the designs for advanced technology that could be immediately applied to starships. Similarly, Precursor relics prove vital to The Captain's success in defeating the Ur-Quan during their second Doctrinal Conflict.

A few items are sometimes assumed to be Precursor relics though their origins are never explicitly stated as such. For example, Wimbli's Trident and the Glowing Rod are completely useless, ancient artifacts given to the Druuge by the Utwig along with a known Precursor artifact, the Rosy Sphere. However, neither the Druuge, the Utwig, nor the Earth Starbase scientists even remotely hint to any Precursor origin of these artifacts. At least one known Precursor artifact, the Utwig Bomb, also bears similarity with certain Chenjesu technology. It is not clear if this is merely a fortunate coincidence or if it represents a previously unknown connection between the two races.1

Relics identified as Precursor

These have been identified either first-hand or by other alien races as being of Precursor origin.

Notes and references

1Analysis of the Utwig Bomb shows it to be of late Precursor origin "though it somewhat resembles certain Chenjesu technology". This and a statement in a TFB chat that the "Taalo and Chenjesu must either be the product of a previous culture, or they must be mostly software with some kind of field maniulation [sic] ability" could possibly mean that the Chenjesu race itself, like the Mycon, are Precursor relics.
2From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<_Stilgar> <Etherea