List of Lander Modules

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List of Lander Modules

Return to Command Ship Upgrades

Icon Name Acquisition Description
Lander Cannon On the trail of the Lexites A standard lander cannon which is capable of hurting or breaking things or sometimes both.
Heat Shield Visited Great Void Starbase

2500 RU

Improved insulation and internal heat sinks which provides resistance when operating in high-temperature environments.

Heat Resistance +25%

Economy Brand Toxic Filter Visited Great Void Starbase

3000 RU

Even aliens have economy brands it seems. This provide modest protection against Toxic damage.

Toxic Resistance +25%

Corrosion Protection 70 Ophiuchi A>IV A special coating that grants landers improved resistance when operating in highly corrosive and toxic environments.

Toxic Resistance +50%

Enhanced Collector Visited Great Void Starbase

4500 RU

Increases your lander's resource collection range.

Collection Radius +200%

Anti-Gravity Thrusters Starbase - 3000RU Specialized maneuvering jets which allow landers to become airborne for a short duration.

Jump +200%