List of General Modules

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List of General Modules

Return to Command Ship Upgrades

Icon Name Acquisition Description
Crew Quarters Starbase - 2000RU Your crew will die on occasion. This is regrettable, but such is life. Here's where you keep spares.

Crew +25

Cargo Pod Starbase - 2000RU This module, or 'pod' if you will, expands the cargo storage capacity of your ship.

Cargo Capacity +500

Advanced Crew Quarters Alpha Centauri A>II If you find yourself losing crew at a rapid clip, consider both new management techniques, and this larger crew residence.

Crew +50

Docking Bay Visited Inner Source Starbase


To support a larger fleet, you'll need more docking bays to manage the logistical complexities of dealing with all those aliens.

Ship Fleet Docking Points +36

Deflector Visited Inner Source Starbase


Provides minimal protection for the command ship by channeling incoming offensive energy and diverting it into a neighboring universe.

Damage Resistance +10%