Lexite Interceptor

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Lexite Interceptor

The Lexite Interceptor is one of several ships a player can pilot in Fleet Battles.

In story mode it is deployed by the Lexites.


Shield’s up! The Lexite Interceptor is a hardy ship that happens to be very short-handed on crew, but it more than makes up for it with its powerful shields, which can block even the deadliest of death rays. Holding down right click will generate a bubble around the ship, but it drains your energy. Although it recharges pretty quickly, you’ll need to be careful - no battery means no shields, and no shields means you’re basically a sitting duck.

The Interceptor’s primary weapon, Dual Shot, has a decent range and packs quite a punch if your enemy is careless enough to get hit by it. It’s not too much of an energy drain, either, unless you fire too many successive shots.

This ship’s acceleration and top speed allows it to catch up with fleeing vessels fairly easily, but its turn rate is a little on the low side, so be careful if your enemies decide to quick turn on you and mount a counter attack!