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The Lexites are a small group of humans with advanced technological understanding who left Earth. Little is known about why they left or where they went. The Star Control program was formed to learn the fate of the Lexites.

According to Commander Skyla, the Lexites were not too talkative. They were never upset with humanity or their situation on Earth, even though they suffered abuse from "normal" humans. They had access to much more advanced technology than humans.



After leaving Earth in 2085, they established a base on the Moon, but soon left the Sol system completely.

The Lexites stole human launch craft to flee Earth, but took great care not to harm anybody.

Society and Culture


Relations with other species

There is evidence that they have traded with alien species, such as the Xontar and Kzanti.



Lexite Interceptor

Vastly Superior to Earth Cruisers, the Lexite Interceptor is nimble and equipped with a long range Dual-Shot Laser. While not directly tough, a shield projector allows the Lexite Interceptor to absorb any incoming damage at the cost of battery.